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Paralegale IT

Technology and best practices for the Legal Sector

Paralegale IT srl is an information technologies firm for credit servicing. It works in Italy using the benefits of networking flexibility, often in outsourcing (nearshoring) for client who have needs in law, finance and credit recovery fields.

Moreover it provides best practice, financial analysis and data quality through an organization based on project management, whose members are current in LPO, BPO and ITO techniques.

Recently Paralegale IT has supported its clients in due diligence activities during the first two securitization with states guarantees (GACS).

Key services

  • Software and Data Quality: our customers can manage their database in real-time via secure web access, using smartphones and tablets too;
  • Project Management and outsourcing, controlled management of business change, improvement of credit and legal offices;
  • Options Strategy, portfolio analysis, segmentation, research of suitable recovery strategy;
  • Communication Plan, to improve the information system;
  • Quality,  Implementation and monitoring of ISO procedures. Standardization, Compliance, Control Performance;
  • Customer Relationship Management, team dedicated to credit management and customer issues;
  • Para-Legal Support: liquidation, publishing, logistics, relations with the courts, in contact with all the different courts.

Areas of expertise

The management area uses a design approach by competent in-house professionals in project management methods used in the international scene (Prince 2, PMP).
Turning ideas into projects managed in a controlled environment is the best way to address business change. By learning from the experience, our PM area applies adaptation to the environment, the size, complexity, importance, ability and project-related risk. Planning appears to be so calibrated and better shared by all parties involved.
Management strategies are progressively established with the customer on the basis of its needs and in compliance with the fundamental variables: time, quality, costs, risks and benefits.
For over 10 years Paralegal IT srl support important Servicers and large companies in the management of commercial portfolio and NPL.
The area is the engine of our core business and is made up of three teams: CRM, Analysts Legal and ITO.The approach is always to analysis and design, downstream technologies and provide advice on the management, recovery and Due Diligence, in parallel with the strengthening of credit and legal departments of its clients / partners.
The management procedures are developed from the project management by adhering to ISO standards.
The Risk Analysis area provides important asset information allowing a greater awareness in the design and the development of recovery strategies.
Through to accounting and financial analysis we are plotted flows and measured the variations in unpaid bills to be recovered, allowing you to identify and classify the different layers and to develop a strategy in consultation with the client. Monitoring activities provide immediate management of the critical issues for the ultimate resolution of problems and the evaluation of the performances achieved by the team. The financial analysis is closely connected with the project management area.

Our management software

To facilitate workflow we created the management software from the study of the flow and needs of our partners. The result has now allowed to move our professionals in networking by participating in more areas, allowing efficient sharing, monitoring and control of data.

In addition, by synchronizing the calendar on mobile devices, the management of deadlines and commitments is always at hand. The responsive design allows the use of management in any device (laptop, tablet, smartphone), allowing you to update the data in real time, with secure web access.


PDM is to support the corporate legal departments addressed to external lawyers and their employees for the legal management of the Civil character litigation, Corporate and Tax Law.


PRC caters to CRM consultant for the management of credit related to trade.


GED is the first prototype still used today from credit receivables management and two non-performing real estate diligence.


GSV created with Ged structure accommodates the needs of professionals involved in the management of trade receivables area.

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